Wendy's Workshops and Presentations

Speaking Presentations

Wendy has conducted dynamic workshops, delivered impassioned talks and energized panels for crowds of 2 to 1,000 attendees.

Her unique style of engaging her audience combines pragmatism, empathy and humor to inspire action.

  • “Skill Set in a Box” — preparing the next generation for success
  • “Engagement Starts at the Top” — helping leaders to set the right tone and example for smart growth
  • “Creating Ambassadors of Employees and Clients” — creating an inexpensive and sustainable system for growing your fan base
  • “How to Avoid Naked Emperors” — preventing opportunists from exploiting your commitment to growth
  • “Discerning Arrogance from Confidence” – recognizing the signs of insecurity and understanding how to boost the self-assurance of those charged with future growth
  • “Fishing with a Net” — cultivating and leveraging relationships beyond “traditional” networking

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Wendy is available for customized speaking engagements as well as the facilitation of growth-oriented strategic planning sessions.

Please call 410-746.8212 or email wendy@stategyhorse.com to inquire about scheduling and fees.

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