How We Work

Our 3 Step Process:


A StrategyHorse Business Development Audit is the most effective and affordable way to assess your organization's growth efforts. This process is designed to analyze the business development capability of your team, highlight opportunities to better engage your ``internal brand ambassadors`` and determine measurable growth goals.


The results of the Business Development Audit become the ``smart growth road map``, outlining the steps necessary to foster sustainable--and measurable--growth. These results include guidance on the thoughtful coordination of all aspects of the organization, with an eye toward achieving significant results.


Once our clients have reviewed our recommendations, StrategyHorse will prescribe an tailored game plan that provides creative, strategic and pragmatic guidance on how to grow smart. We recognize that commitment without accountability is meaningless, and that this is where most Business Development efforts fail. Our obligation to our clients is to see each plan to fruition.

Our Event Strategy Program

We provide guidance on establishing a strategic, effective and measurable event planning process.

  • Firm attendee roster with individual objectives and directives (custom elevator pitches, strategic introduction facilitation, personalized networking practices)
  • Systematized guest list coordination with hosting parties
  • Event agenda development and execution plan
  • Promotional content creation for social media, e-mail and website
  • Post-event review including:
    • Individual performance metrics
    • Specific prospect opportunity procedures
    • New contact categorization to ensure efficiency
    • Detailed timeline and activity plan for participant and firm follow up
    • Subsequent event forecasting and planning