StrategyHorse's Path to Success

Why So Many Organizations Struggle

Investing significant money, time and resources to help developing professionals become more effective with business development is a costly endeavor. The creation of business plans, attendance of networking events, pressure to be active on social media and participation in sales training programs usually amount to false starts and are destined to fizzle out.

Investing in tools and methods is pointless without a thoughtfully calculated STRATEGY. If there is no clear understanding of purpose, SMART GROWTH cannot be achieved.

Why have these costly investments failed?

Lack of Confidence

Most younger team members do not possess the confidence to generate substantial and sustainable growth. Arrogance ≠ Confidence

The Game Has Changed

Business Development is different today. Traditional methods such as two martini lunches, golf games and social clubs do not appeal to tomorrow's senior partners. It is all about the strategic cultivation and leveraging of relationships. This is a skill that must be carefully honed through an introspective and pragmatic process.

Lack of Motivation

The next tier of leadership who are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining and growing an organization are often unmotivated to do so. The younger generation defines success in a very different way than their predecessors and unless this is understood by senior leadership, there is no way to effectively incentivize them.

Why Should I Work with StrategyHorse?

Let’s face it, plenty of consultants have profited on the promise to transform reluctant teams into more effective “marketers”. Many firms even have someone on staff whose primary responsibility is to help grow marketshare and promote a brand.

Our suite of services is distinct from that being done by outside marketing firms, sales trainers and in-house business development directors because everything we do is 100% tailored to each client’s individual challenges. Nothing we do is “off the shelf” or “one size fits all”. Programs that are not customized are risky endeavors because they are not sustainable and can actually weaken morale.

How is StategyHorse REALLY Different?

We dig into the “Why”.

Our unique approach is informed by our ability to comprehend both the psyche of the less experienced professional and the mindset of more seasoned managers and partners. Our capacity to fluently speak the language of each generation allows us to act as interpreter and steward of the “Why” behind our clients’ desire for growth. By bridging this gap we help foster an environment of SMART GROWTH.

It is staying true to this “Why” that becomes the catalyst for strategy, success and sustainability.