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Wendy Merrill has lived business development for over 23 years. Her strategic and methodical approach to cultivating and leveraging relationships has allowed her to construct a rich network of top professionals.

A vocal advocate for creative problem solving, Wendy has advised accounting firms, law firms, consulting practices, engineering companies, banks, non-profits, manufacturing companies, political campaigns, real estate professionals and significant players in the technology space.

Inspired by real life professional lessons learned while earning a “Street MBA”, her practice incorporates common sense, humor and absolute honesty in order to inspire smart and sustainable growth. 

StrategyHorse’s clients benefit from her intuitiveness and her experience as a trusted business adviser and intrepid CEO. She is committed to helping organizations with traditional business models prepare to face non-traditional times by synchronizing their internal and external growth efforts.

Wendy lives near Baltimore, Maryland and enjoys cooking, Italian travel and spending time laughing with her husband and three children. An avid writer, her pieces have been featured in national and international publications and her speaking audiences have included global associations, non-profits and local small/mid-size businesses.

She has enjoyed mentoring a number of exceptional executives and entrepreneurs locally, nationally and internationally.  Wendy is a proud winner of the 2016 Greater Baltimore Committee’s Bridging the Gap Award for supporting and empowering women and minorities in business.

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