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As you know, I am always drumming on about growing smart.

Well, to mix things up a bit…and keep everyone on their toes, I thought I’d share some tips on how to be an expert practitioner of business development mediocrity.

1) Attend networking events to huddle with your co-workers and catch up on what you did over the weekend, and be sure to enjoy the open bar!

2) “Wing” your elevator pitch to “keep it fresh”.

3) Carve 2 hours out of your day, every day to take people to lunch, because meeting for coffee is for “amateurs”.

4) Set your sights on collecting as many business cards as you can, because it will make you feel productive…and popular.

5) Never use LinkedIn for networking and be sure to only use it to occasionally troll your competition (and old flames).

6) Send generic template-style thank you emails after a business lunch. As long as you say “thank you”, it doesn’t need to be personalized—am I right?

7) Following up is totally overrated. Totally.

8) Don’t worry about bringing enough business cards to an event. I mean, it’s better to get someone else’s anyway.

9) Be sure to be the first to tell your story during a networking meeting and don’t worry about hearing others’. After all, that’s why you’re there—to knock their socks off with your greatness!

10) Never forget to prospect and pitch someone within 5 minutes of meeting them, always “strike when the iron is hot”!

If you follow these tips there’s no telling how much time, money and energy you can waste!

And who needs an ROI anyway?

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