Firm Footing for Smart Growth?

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Often clients invite me to work with the “rising stars” within their ranks. I have had the distinct pleasure of leading many individual and group workshops focusing on improving the business development capabilities of future leaders.

No matter how successful these sessions are, if the current leadership has not primed the foundation for growth, opportunities will continuously fall through the cracks.

What makes for a strong foundation?

LEADERSHIP: Current leaders must be clear about their vision (the WHY behind what they do) and ensure that their actions are always consistent with this vision. Everything they do must act as the mortar holding the bricks in place.

CULTURE: If the WHY behind the company is not consistent (think bricks of all the same size and strength) the whole structure risks collapse.

TRANSPARENCY/COMMUNICATION: When a crack does appear, someone must take responsibility to repair/fill it to ensure a sound structure.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Before the house can be built, the foundation must be thoroughly inspected for any construction flaws. If responsibility is not taken for following proper procedures, structural problems will ensue.

Before an organization can set out to create a dream house of smart growth, one that will stand for generations, they must be sure that plans are laid to ensure sustainability. Investing in the strongest bricks is not enough to prevent a house from crumbling if the quality of the mortar and construction are subpar.

Everyone wants sustainable growth. We must be mindful, however, that improving-and maintaining-momentum requires us to act intentionally and pragmatically.

If we want to create buildings of and for the future we need to start with a sturdy-and resilient-foundation. Want to grow but suspect a shaky foundation? Let’s chat and check it out!

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